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“I was very impressed at how fast I was contacted. It was very helpful since I am required to obtain 3 quotes before getting a PO that I only had to fill out your request and received my 3 quotes almost instantly."

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Christine B. - Impulse Wear, Inc.

“They contacted our office immediately upon our request - truly amazing response! Answers to all questions regarding security and pricing. Driver was ON TIME precisely as scheduled and did a great job for us."

Judy R. - Neeson & Rorsyth, CPAs

“As far as I am concerned you couldn't get any better! I had originally scheduled with another contractor ... and then they couldn't make it and I was stuck with boxes of documents that was taking up our workspace. I am very, very satisfied! Thank you!"

Jenny B. - 2 B's Inc.

A Smarter Way to find the Best Scanning or Storage Solution.

Record Nations: An Online Marketplace for Document Scanning & Records Storage. We specialize in helping you manage all of your information. Whether in digital format or on paper; you will get a customized solution.                                  

Welcome to the smarter way to Store & Scan your records.

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Records Storage

Reduce distraction and stress, while increasing productivity in the workplace.

Increase your productivity, improve your business processes, while eliminating waste.

Document Scanning Service

Comply with HIPAA security requirements for personal health information. including HIPAA, HITECH, and all State or Local Regulations.

Medical Records Storage

Blue Print Scanning Service

We have the capacity to index and scan any volume of documents in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.

Cloud  Records Storage

Secure and cost-effective way to store your data

Tape & Microfilm Storage

Specially-designed offsite facilities are available.

Medical Records Scanning Service

Medical records scanning makes it easy and cost-effective Medical Records Management System

Improve your office workflow and make finding the document you need faster.Cost Effective Solutions at your Finger tips.

Choose your service based on the qualities YOU value most: security, proximity, access, budget, etc.

Get multiple quotes on your project and pick the one that best meets your security, proximity, and budget needs.

Record Nations provides Document Scanning & Storage Service through a network of providers’ with locations nationwide. Record Nations members compete for your business. Our partners will provide comprehensive quotes within minutes. 

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