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Karen M. - United Built Homes

Jennifer R. - Milvets System Technologies

Edward D. - Liberty Inspection Co. 

“We have used scanning services all over the country for discovery. They are one of the best I have hired. They were able to scan at the clients site in uncomfortable circumstances."

“I got excellent service with quick referral and ready explanations of what to expect."

“Thank you for you help. All of my questions were answer and in a professional matter."

We were so fortunate to have found Sam when we moved to Van. As our Realtor, he helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price.

Sylvie Aucoin


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Document Scanning 

Legal Document Scanning


Medical Records Scanning

From patient charts to personnel records we can scan them. HIPAA compliant scanning services.

Records Storage

Have your records stored in a secure offsite facility. Scan on demand or have your boxes delivered to your office at your convenience.

Large Format Scanning

From blueprints to engineering drawings, we can scan any large documents to a storage device or the cloud.

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Document Scanning

Records Storage

Medical Records Scanning

Legal Document Scanning

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